dormancy question

Monica Swartz
Sat, 05 Oct 2013 07:05:14 PDT
Hi Uli, glad to hear that the Alocasia hypnosa has done well for you. 
Mine are still growing strong but then it is still in the 90sF each 
day. As soon as it starts to cool down at night the leaves will 
yellow as the tubers prepare for dormancy. I would take your plant 
out of the greenhouse and let it go dormant and dry. I store the big 
tubers in a bucket of dry sand in a cold garage every winter (it gets 
down to freezing many nights but not much lower) and tubers have 
over-wintered fine in ground in my 8b garden. If you dig the tubers, 
watch for small tubers that form on the ends of underground stems.

Monica Swartz in Austin, TX 8b where several Brunsvigia bosmaniae are 
reaching their flowering peak today!

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