Bulb videos was (Luring in younger bulb growers)

steven hart hartsentwine.australia@gmail.com
Sun, 20 Oct 2013 04:30:12 PDT
Hello David, I have only seen one video so far, but you have me hooked, how
beautiful : )  and truly fascinating, interesting & enticing to have a
chance to see, in one video, beautiful crocus closing for the
evening......  Wow

Would be lovely to incorporate videos on the wiki.... It would be an
absolutely wonderful addition & very interesting to say the least...

Wouldn't it be lovely if people started sharing more videos on the org, it
would make it more interesting.... I have steered many people to PBS, &
they often use the wiki as a reference or just enjoy looking at the
pictures... Those who look at some of the emails say they are too technical
for the average person & they actually thought our forum would be more
shared experiences from home collectors. I think for some there is just too
many technical emails & they feel snowed under & drop out, before they
become interested...

Ina Crosby popped a nice vidio here about the birds & the bees pollinating
from memory & I thought then how helpful it would be & how nice it would be
to see more on our site showing various aspects of geophyte life &
flowering etc..... I think a crinum radicle producing roots & shoot would
be pretty cool time laps in the wiki for example..

Thank u for sharing these, I cant wait to watch some more of your terrific
work  : )

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> >I
> >don't think video is very helpful to our interest
> This is a link to a video section on the web site of a bulb seller:
> http://pontuswallstenplants.smugmug.com/Other/…
> There is our own modest effort at video here:
> http://www.youtube.com/user/PacificBulbSociety/
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