Hardiness of Zephyranthes foliage

Aad van Beek avbeek1@hotmail.com
Tue, 15 Oct 2013 03:27:19 PDT
I got several zephyranthes and habranthus species and cultivar seeds from last year bx's. 

Half of the seeds were sowed in 2012 just after arrival. The other half of the seeds I sowed in april this year. Remarkable the seeds sow this year germinated twice as good as those sow last year. During the winter the seeds were stored in a bedroom so at normal temperature.

The only pity is that a lot of names on the labels are lost, because waterproof ink is sometimes not so waterproof after all. Next time will stick to a pencil. 

Is now a good time to replant the zephyranthes or is spring a better moment? Most of the leaves turn yellow now.

I'm curious why they are called rainlily. Couldn't find any particular reason after googling.

Groningen, Holland, zone 8

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