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Kelly Irvin kellso@irvincentral.com
Thu, 17 Oct 2013 14:12:48 PDT
My understanding, Dell, is that normal copyrights continue even on FB. 
That said, they "own the rights" to use anything you post while it is 
still on Facebook. They don't own your image. You still do. As an 
example, if you posted a photo only to "Friends", only friends could 
see it. If one of your friends "shared" the photo, only the friends 
you have in common would see it (redundancy). If one of your friends 
actually downloaded the image, then used it to advertise their 
business, then, after unfriending them, you could file a lawsuit just 
like usual.

If you post to the "Public", it could be shared with any member of 
Facebook, but, if anybody downloads the image and uses it as their 
own, you have the same rights as before, whether Facebook is involved 
or not.

A Facebook Page is what is needed. Use it like a billboard, and to put 
a face on the society. You could have, "advice of the day" quips, 
faqs, plant biographies, advertise events; stuff like that.

Concerning groups, you would probably benefit from a "closed group", 
IF you are willing to appreciate and realize that you will then be 
running two forums; the group and the listserv. Some people will use 
exlusively one or the other. Others will use both. It's not 
necessarily duplicated effort if it increases your interaction with 
more people. One billion people is a lot of people. Some of them like 
growing flower bulbs.

On 10/17/13 3:18 PM, ds429 wrote:
> I am not a devotee of FB, so I speak with little authority, but aren't postings to FB legally the property of FB? So would taking FB images and using them for the PBS wiki be a violation of FB's  personal thingamy?
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