Bulb videos was (Luring in younger bulb growers)

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>Would be lovely to incorporate videos on the wiki....

Thanks. All the PBS You Tube videos *are* embedded in wiki pages. For example:


search for "show video".

>flowering etc..... I think a crinum radicle producing roots & shoot would
>be pretty cool time laps in the wiki for example..

Good idea. There is a photo on the wiki that would give you a clue:


The kit for the time lapse videos is a (50 quid new) Canon A810 compact camera, mains power supply (10
quid), using the (free) CHDK software and turned into video with (free) Virtual Dub.

So cost is minimal and it is easy to do, but one needs space to set the shot up and time to do it.

I undersold the source of the other bulb videos. Pontus Wallstén has contributed many photos to the PBS
wiki. I preferred his type of video to mine. This a direct link to the Lee Poulsen video:


Also credit to Gastil and Jim McKenney for their videos on the PBS You Tube page, anyone can

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