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bea spencer bea.spencer@sympatico.ca
Wed, 16 Oct 2013 08:56:17 PDT
Hear, hear Diana and Lauw! I agree with your point of view as well. We do live in the age of mindless chatter and the more " Facebook fiends" we have (just to give an example), the more isolated we become. I think that we pretty much have lost  the ability to interact socially face to face in many cases. Would it be correct to say that  we sort of live in a virtual world with virtual fiends? The English language in any case seems to be woefully inadequate in  this case and "a fiend" is an all encompassing word while a distinction between various shades of social interaction would be very welcome, linguistically speaking. This is , however, coming from a person who has lived long enough to remember when one actually talked to his/her friends face to face over a cup of coffee in a café.
Yes, you guessed it. I am not on Facebook.
Bea in Ontario

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