"Commercial" Freesias

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Mon, 28 Oct 2013 07:00:44 PDT
I ordered three cultivars of freesias from Scheepers - white 
'Avalanche'. white with a yellow blotch 'Port Salut', and red 'Red 
River'. Online information seems to suggest that the white / yellow / 
red cultivars are more fragrant than the blue ones, and my assumption is 
that singles will be more fragrant than doubles.

Anyone care to add their point of view?

Minimum was 25 / variety which is really more than I wanted. How many 
can I wedge into what size pot?

Greenhouse is only heated to between 50 / 55 degrees Fahrenheit so it 
should be cool enough.

All suggestions gratefully received.

Judy in sunny but chilly New Jersey where the leaves are falling from 
the trees and /Galanthus reginae-olgae/ is happily in bloom.|

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