Growing in cracks between boulders: worsleya

Alberto Castillo
Thu, 10 Oct 2013 13:22:29 PDT
Dell, it grows in full sun on steep slopes of odd looking mountains much like coneheads of the Dan Aykroyd movie. No waterfalls around that could water them. In fact, the only water is from heavens during the warmer season. The shallow layer they grow on is a mixture of fibrous decomposed vegetation, coarse degraded rock from the mountain face and charred vegetation remnants from occasional fires. This is all there is and few cracks if any that would provide a larger body of layer. Most of the bulbs and the long necks are exposed to the sun. The plants has a massive root system that colonizes the spot around the bulb, never going deep as the smooth rock face would not allow this. Therefore the roots are more subject to conditions similar to an epiphyte than a "normal" bulb as we know them. 


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