Dodecatheon, was Inclusion question

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 06 Oct 2013 20:28:53 PDT
I'm sure there are a lot of plants that fit the criteria for the 
wiki, but haven't had a sponsor. Just because something isn't on the 
wiki doesn't mean it couldn't be. It could just mean no one has 
gotten around to adding it. Wiki contributors  provide photos and 
information about  the plants they are most interested in.

Interesting that Randy has asked the question about Dodecatheon as I 
plan to add at least one species of Dodecatheon to the wiki when I 
have the time as I have good pictures of the "tuber"/ "caudex" and 
have gone through the criteria and feel it qualifies. One thing 
holding me back is whether I have to call it a Primula since the 
latest from the Jepson Herbarium folks is that is what the 
taxonomists are now suggesting it should be reclassified to be . Some 
of these kind of changes make me understand why some people prefer 
common names these days. If you referred to this genus as shooting 
stars a lot of people would understand what you are talking about, 
but would they if you called it Primula? I supposed we could start 
using the old Latin names as new common names. That's what I did with 

Mary Sue

>why dodecatheon species are not in the wiki?  Just curious.

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