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Mark BROWN brown.mark@wanadoo.fr
Thu, 17 Oct 2013 10:22:04 PDT
I have had to stop using facebook because of all the trivia that was driving me mad!
Too many french garden-lovers got in contact with me and I spent THREE hours a day at least replying to all the question!!
I do miss greatly the snowdrop forum. Maybe I should make another account with a pseudonym?
There are a lot of great plantspeople on Facebook and I met many new ones thru this system.
But I have done so much more usefull things with my time since I left.
It is an easy place to share photos but no more easy than any other system.
And THEY are not flooding one with adverts,even with adblock! and snooping on every move one makes.
I did meet many great people following on from meeting on facebook.
It does not have to be virtual. It is a great ressource for that.

> Message du 17/10/13 

" PBS really should take advantage of FB to promote this list. It could also 
> be a convenient place for list members to post pictures for the discussion 
> on this list.
> Jim Shields"

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