Lachenalia aloides quadricolor

Patty Colville
Mon, 07 Oct 2013 12:59:39 PDT
Both grow in my yard.  In fact, as soon as the nerines start to bloom I know it is time to start watering the lachenalias and they start coming up soon after.  This is the month, but nothing is happening yet.
Patty in Pasadena, Calif

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Simple rule of thumb for all lachenalias- if you can grow nerine sarniensis, you 
can grow all the lachenalias, neither can stand much frost (a wee bit overnight, 
just) but no prolonged cold at all. We give them the same regime and are 
successful (but then we do have a spacious Venlo type glasshouse with whistles 
and bells and winter heating to keep the minimum temperature to 3 degrees C.

If you struggle with nerines, you'll struggle with lachs.



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