Sat, 05 Oct 2013 10:24:27 PDT
Hi Dennis,

I have had a bit of experience trying to grow lachs in nasty climates. The only time I had success, and it was pretty good success, I grew them under fluorescent grolights (the more light intensity with grolights, the better, for 16 hrs / day) in an unheated attic room. Generally, I found that they need very good drainage, light weekly watering in winter, really good light, and cool-cold temps --- and total dryness in the summer except for an occasional heavy misting with a spray bottle. They are actually pretty easy from seed under the same conditions, except for watering to keep them alive a bit longer than you would do for mature bulbs. I think the L. aloides ones might need a little more moisture-retentive matter or  a little more water, not sure. The one I had the most trouble with was L. viridiflora; it's lovely, but I never figured out how to grow it. 

Dell, in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia
Now that I have a new house, I will try to grow lachs again in an unheated bedroom under lights.

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