What is blooming mid-October

James L. Jones jmsjon664@aol.com
Sat, 19 Oct 2013 13:37:05 PDT
My full attention is focused on a Nerine bowdenii raised from Archibald seed collected at 3000m that is beginning to bloom.  Granted, the flower seems a little squinny but it is early days. The seed was sown in 2002 inside, germinated and was grown on until 8/03 when it was planted out and promptly dove under the radar.  And now here it is! It's up against the greenhouse foundation in full sun and looks entirely healthy.
Also, I can report that Crocus speciosus is having a particularly good year.  (I won't even mention the various oxalis in the greenhouse.)

Jim Jones
Lexington, MA

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In mid-October most of my bulb garden is bare but a few recent  
acquisitions are currently in bloom. The Hyacinthoides lingulata  
opened its first blooms yesterday morning, a month after the leaves  
emerged, just as predicted on the wiki page
The Oxalis livida from PBS BX 318#25 made only leaves last year but  
this year flowers precede the leaves. It has been blooming now for  
about a week. Mine looks just like the one on the wiki:
And the Oxalis "fragrans" from Telos has doubled in its tiny pot to  
make a fragrant bouquet, although I only get to see it on weekends as  
it opens late afternoon and early evening. I keep it on the porch to  
stop and inhale on every trip in and out of the house.

My own photos of these blooms from the past week are here:

It is nice to have some bulbs in bloom during this digging and re- 
planting time.

- Gastil
Santa Barbara, approximately zone 9b or 10a


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