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Tue, 01 Oct 2013 16:49:27 PDT
Funny u say that, I have lived in a wilderness area since the 80s, huge amounts of red cedar, hoop pine & iron bark removed & large areas exposed. I've watched hundreds of thousands of hectares cleared between me & Brisbane in that time & the whole environment has changed on a level that is physically very easy to watch develop at an alarming rate.

Our average rainfall here prior to the 80s was 60 inches/year, that has decreased almost every year & now is below 40" / year on average... The winters were colder, the winds came in spring while still cool & now they come later every year, scorching the ground with no spring rain to stop it.. Fires are becoming super extreme & people don't always escape them because they move so fast through the dry hot forest... I've noted huge deterioration of natural hoop pine & jungle vine forest edges & fire is consuming them at the rate of several meters every time.... None of this used to happen, these forests have stood since the dawn of time... Even the native geophites are disappearing from rain forest edges as the heat & fire distress their complex habitats....

Global warming can come from natural causes too & we have seen Mexican volcano ash evidence across the world that caused an ice age, the byproduct of global warming... 

This time we are causing the damage... And those who can't see  that even a spoon full of gass will taint the air in a weather balloon, will never be smart enough to understand that we humans will ruin our only Earth too soon!!!!

I make a stand at my level & In my life I've planted millions of trees & shrubs, have locked carbon into ground soil, disconnected from the power grid & have solar instead & store my own water. Cut my own trees & built a house & in that time I've grown the trees that could build my next one.....

I do all this because I want my little boy to grow up knowing what fresh air feels like on his cute little innocent cheeks... 

Steven :  )

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> Well Steven, 
> You are obviously experiencing global warming down under. We fortunate
> people in the US are repeatedly reassured by leaders of the community that
> such a thing does not afflict us!
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