Z. atamasco (was Sternbergia and Zephyranthes)

J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 13:44:30 PDT
I have been treating Z. simpsonii the same as my atamascos, with similar 
results.  That may not be the optimum way to handle them, but it has so far 
sufficed to give me at least a few blooms on simpsonii.

Jim S.

At 09:34 AM 10/28/2013 +1300, you wrote:
>Thank you Nick and Jim, I have had problems growing Z. atamasco, but it
>is the spring wet bit I didn't know.  I have managed to get one to
>flowering stage from seed, but it was nothing short of a miracle to me.
>It is in the detail the difference lies, wet in spring.
>Should have better chance now with the seed of my one and only.
>What about Z. simpsonii? Does that have a detail I am missing in the wet
>part?  Like Z. atamasco, I have managed to get one to flower.  But only
>the one.
>Ina Crossley
>Auckland New Zealand zone 10a

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