Electromagnetic Energy water energising technology

Kipp McMichael kimcmich@hotmail.com
Wed, 23 Oct 2013 12:09:33 PDT


  It cannot be said strongly enough that this is a hoax. This device has no effect on water and it will do nothing for your plants, fish, skin or whatever other entities are claimed to benefit from this "technology".

  Anyone claiming otherwise is either a con-artist or a conned-victim in denial.

>There is a serious paper on the companies web site:

This "serious" paper is nothing of the kind. It starts with a review of vaguely relevant literature to insinuate scientific support for something which lacks that support. The experiment detailed in the writeup failed to find *any* statistically significant differences between untreated and treated plants. It mentions an effect that does not meet statistical significance in its conclusions in what can only be a rhetorical strategy  to give the impression that there was an effect. A complete lack of charts or graphs seems a calculated move to mask the lack of observable effect.

Clearly the deficiencies in the paper are quite beside the point because the mere existence of this multipage PDF is enough to convince some who apparently didn't bother to read it.



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