Another yellow lycoris ID

Thu, 03 Oct 2013 09:46:30 PDT
I guess this is the time of year for lycoris so here's another one.  I have 
read the discussions on aurea/traubii and still can't decide what this is. 
Another fly in the ointment is that I acutally thought I had purchased 
chinensis but I think that is surly not what this is after all, or maybe it 
is!  This came from a reputable company but not a bulb specialist. It does 
have color through the stamens and is 26 in tall so that may help. It is 
blooming now here in nw la z8 so no leaves just yet.  I only have the one 
bulb, yes just one, it tagged along with other things in the order.  A 
friend also gave me some other commercial yellow lycoris,  body bag bulbs, 
they are just now coming up so I assume they are another species as well. 
These in the pics did have wide leaves last year and but it was the first 
year and the bloom was so far down near the ground that it was futile to 
even try to decipher what it was.  I'm ashamed to admit that it has been in 
a small pot with almost no care for about five years and I moved last year 
and it finally found a home. And of course the obligatory pic of the 
standard radiata which is blooming all over here now.……… 

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