Luring in younger bulb growers

Jane McGary
Thu, 17 Oct 2013 17:38:37 PDT
David Pilling wrote,
If anyone would like to generate foolproof growing tutorials, text,
>video we'd be happy to publish it on the wiki.

Nothing you can write is proof against fools!

Seriously, there is a vast quantity of text out there already. I 
don't think video is very helpful to our interest, except possibly in 
terms of propagation where one might want to see, for example, 
twin-scaling. When I edited the Rock Garden Quarterly, we had several 
articles with step-by-step photos of techniques like splitting 
boulders or propagating certain plants. I think those are helpful.

I'd rather see our material kept on the PBS website rather than on 
Facebook, which as I understand it cannot be accessed except by 
people who are registered with Facebook. I am one of those who have 
some psychological resistance to Facebook. Maybe it affects people 
who reached adulthood before the self-esteem movement and are 
disturbed by the proliferation of self-publication and TMI on the internet.

Jane McGary

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