New South American Bulb group on Facebook

The Silent Seed
Thu, 17 Oct 2013 15:01:40 PDT
That's one of the reasons I do not use Facebook any longer. 

The biggest reason I do not post here much, is because of the no-photo rule. Any younger potential members would be inclined to feel the same. Sending them to the Wiki is basically telling them that they are on their own, and to go google it. (That's how it feels to me, anyway.) I don't even bother. (Which in fact cancels out the potential for sharing helpful info using photos, for that matter.)

I can't imagine that there is a significant number of people with such slow connections that photos are a problem. (And I'm using a 10 year old Mac, not even the latest gidgets that younger folks have these days.) 

Maybe Facebook might be a good way to reach out to the younger generations, but the group needs to be attractive to them outside of FB, to stay involved - which they won't, if it's not engaging, or interactive on a visual level. 

Not intending to ruffle any feathers here - but as one of the "younger" generation, I feel that sometimes fresh input is needed. 

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