Albuca spiralis

Leo A. Martin
Wed, 16 Oct 2013 17:54:49 PDT
A few messages ago somebody asked about Albuca spiralis and I didn't see an answer.
There exist more than one plant called this by growers, but they all can be grown the

It grows in winter and is dormant in summer. It will take some overnight frost but I
would not think it would survive outdoors an a zone colder than zone 9. It blooms in
late winter or spring. It is easily grown in a container in well-drained soil; my
experience with bulbs is that the larger the container, the better the plant grows. With
time bulbs become larger and will divide, especially in larger containers.

During summer dormancy it can be kept in a shed or the house, completely dry, or it can
stay outside if one lives in a low-rainfall area and does not water it. In a
warmer-winter climate without much summer rain, such as southern California or central
Arizona, most winter-growing albucas can probably be grown in the ground with no summer

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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