Sternbergia and Zephyranthes

Leo A. Martin
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 22:23:47 PDT
The discussion has shown how important it is to find out how different species in a
genus grow, and not treat them all the same because we think they are related somehow.
My relatives in mild southern California have the same last name I do, but they don't
live the way I do in hot Phoenix.

Recall genus Habranthus is often called "zephyranthes" and both are called "rain lilies"
by gardeners because both genera have tubular flowers, often after rain falls.
Habranthus flowers point up at an angle while Zephyranthes flowers point straight up.

There are winter-growing Habranthus and Zephyranthes, and summer-growing Habranthus and
Zephyranthes. Habranthus tubispathus is a grassy-leaved, yellow-flowering plant that
blooms in the fall (now for me.) I have a Zephyranthes that may be something called La
Bufarosa that is dormant all summer in a container here even with regular watering, then
grows and blooms now that nights are cooling. It has narrowly strap-shaped leaves that
are maroon underneath. It is common in landscapes around here and often available at the
Desert Botanical Garden plant sales.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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