You can reply directly to Dell regarding the BX

Leo A. Martin
Tue, 01 Oct 2013 17:37:53 PDT
Though I fear yielding an advantage in the competition for bulbs....

One way to respond to Dell from the message in many E-mail systems is to right-click on
Dell's E-mail address and select Open in new tab. (This is for Windows; there is a Mac
equivalent, which I think may be to hold down the Curlicue while clicking.) This will
open a new E-mail message composition tab with Dell's address in the To: field.

Then go back to the original message. Highlight the entire BX part by placing the mouse
cursor at the very beginning or end of the message, then hold down the left mouse button
while dragging the cursor to the other end of the message.

Copy to clipboard (right-click and select Copy; or press Ctrl and C at the same time; or
from the menu select Edit then Copy), switch to your new message, place the cursor where
you want to paste the text, and paste into your new message (right-click and select
Paste; or press Ctrl and V at the same time; or from the menu select Edit then Paste.)
There are Mac equivalents.

Then edit the message so your request is in the format Dell requests, with just a
single-column list of numbers at the top and your mailing address.

I leave the original message attached at the end and copy myself on the message so I
retain a copy of the descriptions on my computer and I don't have to go onto the Wiki to
find them.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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