Luring in younger bulb growers

Thu, 17 Oct 2013 19:03:36 PDT
I agree with Jane in her salient points here. Access to good information,
printed or digitized, is a challenge and always has been. Much of the
information in older journals and more technical periodicals may never be
easily accessed, and even then only a small number of bulbophiles will
really want to comb through a piece from Kew Bulletin.

Much of our efforts in seeking plants and information centers on
illustrations and this is really a problem with Facebook. As others have
mentioned, very interesting images, even scientifically useful ones, can
disappear quickly. There is no search engine for images in FB I am aware of
and, just as bad, a Google search will not pull out images from Facebook.
Those are serious drawbacks to helping people learn about bulbs.

Some seem to think that the Internet age means an agglomeration of
everything for everyone, a cloud of limitless interconnectivity. It does't
really work that way. There are filters both constructed and natural and
that is both normal and desirable. A nominal PBS page on Facebook with some
enticements to join should be productive and sufficient.


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