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In Australia it is scrub turkeys which destroy gardens and their numbers in suburbia are increasing. They are native so you are not supposed to hurt them and as well as uprooting everything they move huge quantities of mulch to make large mounds for their nests. Many remedies have been tried and the only effective one I know of is to totally fence everything you want to keep. Some people say a dog keeps them away but they soon become used to them and can fly enough to stay out of reach.
Shelley Gage
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> Would make even a PETA member want to become a hunter! Aaargh!! Until 
> I got a crossbow, the deer were ruining me. No, I'm not a member of 
> PETA, and I was already a closet hunter.
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> On 10/30/13 4:06 PM, Dennis Kramb wrote:
> > I came home from work yesterday to discover the flower pots on my back
> > porch were all knocked down, smashed, with plants uprooted, and
> > disheveled.  The culprit?  A wild turkey.  :-)
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