pbs Digest, Vol 129, Issue 50

Joyce Miller Miller7398@comcast.net
Thu, 31 Oct 2013 16:36:07 PDT
Dear Jyl,

    We have some things in common.  I also have a creek running across my 
property and a greenhouse.  Appreciated your report of the frog as insect 
control and disposal of insects from the greenhouse to feed the trout.  When 
I found larva in fresh corn at the market, I fed them to my carnivorous 
plants.  The tree frog is re establishing itself along the creek.  I'm not 
with you on the snakes, but in my later years I have been able to watch a 
number of nature documentaries on snakes.

    I don't know whether to credit the dogs, but the local squirrels never 
get on the ground but are drawn to the squirrel protected bird feeders.

Best wishes, Joyce Miller, Gresham, Oregon

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