dormancy question

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Sat, 05 Oct 2013 00:24:00 PDT
Dear All,

I have a question concerning possible dormancy of two different plants.
They are in full growth right now but winter approaching I wonder how to
treat them in the months to come.

The first plant is Globba winitii. I was given a small plant last year
and kept it going over winter. It had one or two flowers and even
produced offsets on the spent flower stem. The person who gave it to me
told me it could be treated the same way as Canna would: dormancy in
winter and restart in spring. What is your experience? It is in full
flower right now and does not show any sign of wanting to go dormant (
same like my Cannas right now) I do not want to lose this gem because of
a forced dormancy but I am so short of greenhouse space in winter......

The other is Alocasia hypnose which I got from the BX in June. it has
grown into a nice plant from a fairly small tuber. I took it into the
greenhouse because it did not seem to like the cooler days and nights we
have now but also no sign of natural dormancy, it produces one leaf
after the other. Is it deciduus? Can it be kept totally dry in winter?

Thank you, greetings from my autumn garden


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