Lachenalia aloides quadricolor

Michael Mace
Fri, 04 Oct 2013 12:35:10 PDT
Dennis wrote:

>> I got bulbils from the BX ages ago, and they haven't done much.  I have
almost ZERO experience with South African bulbs.  And I couldn't easily find
growing tips via Google.  What makes these guys happy?  High light?  Lots of
water?  Lots of fertilizer?  Big pots?  Tiny pots?  Am I foolish for trying
to grow them on a windowsill?

Those are summer-dormant bulbs. They should just now be coming out of
dormancy. They may benefit from a tiny bit of moisture during the summer,
but just enough so they don't totally dessicate (in summer I store them
outside in the shade and do not water them at all). When in growth they
prefer steady moisture and good drainage. Not sopping wet.

They are sensitive to anything more than light frost, but I think they will
benefit from a good swing between daytime and night-time temps in winter.
Here they get down into the 40s F and 50s at night and the 60s-70s in
daytime. They do not require total blazing sun, but they'll appreciate a
good amount of bright sunlight or they'll get elongated and lean toward the

Hope that helps,

San Jose, CA

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