Haemanthus deformis

Jlgatard@aol.com Jlgatard@aol.com
Tue, 01 Oct 2013 09:51:57 PDT
Mine is in bloom now, but alone....

An inquiry has  come to the website regarding sources for Haemanthus 
deformis,  particularly in the northern California area. Can anyone 
help Zenaida  Reyes find it? If so, please write to her directly. I 
have already  suggested that she check with Silverhill Seeds, but I 
think she wants  bulbs.

Subject: PBS website contact:///Haemanthus/ Deformis
From:  "Zenaida G. Reyes" <zeny.reyes@outlook.com>

Can you tell me where  can I purchase this plant in Northern 
California. Do you know any nursery  near San Francisco that will sell 
me this plant?   

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