Amana edulis

Jane McGary
Fri, 04 Apr 2014 10:39:05 PDT
I don't know how John Lonsdale got Amana edulis to flower. I have 
grown it in a pot and now in the ground for many years without seeing 
a flower, though as Jim Waddick notes it is stoloniferous and has 
made many new bulbs since being planted out three years ago. I would 
not call it "weedy," though; it is a small plant and unlikely to 
outcompete other plants, as long as you don't put it near your 
precious Androsace or something similar. Mine is growing by some 
Rhododendrons, in full sun and good soil. If there is interest I 
would be glad to send some bulbs to the BX this summer.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

At 07:02 AM 4/4/2014, you wrote:
>Dear PBS ers,
>         As fond as I am of smaller species tulips and Chinese 
> natives, I can't really figure out why I have never grown Amana 
> (was Tulipa) edulis or any of the other species in the genus. The 
> PBS wiki just shows a few pix from John Lonsdale amazing 
> collections.  I am wondering if anyone else in the group grows it 
> and how it does especially in the ground in northern gardens.
>         I have heard it is stoloniferous and can be some what 
> 'weedy' in colonizing some ground. Wonder if that is true in the 
> north or just in mild climates.
>         Anyone grow any species other than edulis?  Any suggestions 
> on availability?

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