Resprouting Ornithogalum

Bracey Tiede
Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:55:13 PDT
Hi Andrew,

Our three year old bulbs have returned each spring, blooming right now. Our
soil is heavy clay with tree trimmings mulch. They might be getting a little
summer water from a dripper nearby. Full sun next to a stone patio that
radiates heat. We had little rainfall this winter - about 6" total, less
than half of normal. All this info is anecdotal since we don't grow lots of
them. Hope it helps.

San Jose

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Here's what should be a trivial question - how do you get the commercial
Ornithogalums to bloom a second year, or even to get them to quit dormancy?
Several of my friends have found similar difficulties. Thanks

San Diego

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