2014 Moraea hybrids

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Wed, 09 Apr 2014 23:39:22 PDT
Hi, gang.


If you don't like hybrids, move on to the next message.


I've written up the 2014 results from my Moraea breeding experiments. This
year I had several new flowers with stripes and spots, the closest thing yet
to a red flower, some interesting pastels, and the usual odd color
combinations. You can see photos here:




(I'll be gradually getting this info loaded into the wiki, but I put it up
on my own blog first because it's easier.)


If you haven't heard the background on this project, I've been growing
Moraea species for years, and I'm passionate about preserving them in
cultivation. But after a while you get most of the species that are
available, and you no longer have new things to look forward to each year.
So I started trying to create Moraea hybrids, focusing mostly on the
"peacock" flowers and their relatives (members of the old subgenus
Vieusseuxia). They turned out to be very easy to breed.


I am very much an amateur at this stuff, and would appreciate advice from
the more experienced growers out there (especially info on how colors mix
and on breeding strategy). I'm also happy to correspond with anyone growing
Moraeas, and am glad to share seeds and offsets.


Also, if you know of legitimate sources for the less commonly-offered Moraea
species, please let me know. I have a long list of species I'm still looking





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