Arum italicum

Tim Eck
Wed, 23 Apr 2014 10:36:02 PDT
Jane et al,
The only things I know of that survive glyphosate during active growth are
RoundUp ready plants and some common farm weeds that have developed a
separate mechanism over the years, whereby they pump the glyphosate to the
leaf tips.  I can virtually guarantee you that no arums fall into either
category.  BUT as I mentioned, it must be applied while the plant is sending
nutrients to the root or tuber, later in the year, and it must be applied
while the plants are unstressed and growing, below 85 F and above 65 F is
preferable.  Applying it to a stressed plant or one leafing out is useless
and is literally against the law.
You need to visit an ag chemical store and request a surfactant-free version
(Honcho or Rodeo, or some such thing) for use in woodlands, wetlands,
waterways, and on Christmas trees.  I buy it in 2.5 gallon jugs at 41% and
it's probably going for about $18/gallon now.  You need to mix it up a bit
stronger than recommended for spot spraying (about 10 parts water to one of
concentrate by volume) , add some dish detergent and some ammonium sulfate
adjuvant if available (I can send you some).

If there's that much arum in a wetland, it does need to come out. It will
have to be dug -- the tubers can survive herbicide application. 

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