What's In Bloom in Chicago

Boyce Tankersley btankers@gmail.com
Mon, 21 Apr 2014 14:12:07 PDT
Apologies for not posting more frequently to the list.  This winter has
been particularly cold (Polar Vortex visited multiple times) and spring has
been late in arriving (much of the Great Lakes are still iced over) as
evidenced by the following:
At Chicago Botanic Garden the last of the snowdrops - Galanthus (G. nivalis
and cultivars, G. elwesii, G. platyphyllus, G. caucasicus and G.
lagodechianus)  Eranthis sp. and Iris reticulata, Iris histrioides, Crocus
chrysanthus and Crocus tommasinianus cultivars are fading.  Bulbocodium
vernum is still at peak as are species and cultivars of Scilla, Chionodoxa,
Muscari, Hyacinthus, Crocus vernus, Fritillaria pallidiflora, and x
Chionoscilla.  The early and some of the midseason Narcissus came into
flower last week as have the cultivars of Tulipa kaufmanniana.  Corydalis
marshalliana, and C. solida are in full bloom.  This is the first week we
have not had forecast temperatures well below the freezing mark this year.
 A week ago we set a record at the Garden with an overnight low of 23
degrees F and a daytime high of 36.  Fortunately we received 2" of snow
which provided some insulation for the bulbs already in flower at that
time.  To provide context, the Galanthus are normally in flower around the
end of February/beginning of March but 6 years ago they were in flower the
second week of January.

Boyce Tankersley
Director of Living Plant Documentation
Chicago Botanic Garden
USDA zone 5 (closer to 4 the winter of 2014).

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