Cyclamen seed

Joyce Miller
Wed, 09 Apr 2014 10:45:05 PDT
Dear Jyl,

I have read ants spread cyclamen seed around, but how the seeds made it to 
the perlagonium I can't imagine.  This spring, as I was weeding the floor of 
my outside greenhouse, I found 3 such seedlings and, the following day, a 
pair of seedlings which are now potted safely and on the bench.  That week 
was sort of a bonus for finding them.

Best wishes, Joyce Miller, Gresham, Oregon Zone 8 mostly.

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From: Jyl Tuck
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2014 9:43 AM
Subject: [pbs] Cyclamen seed

Sorry but the  pelargonium plants were in my basement greenhouse  when this
happened.   The bird seed bag was broken into in the basement (the year
before)  and the cyclamen seed taken out of a tray I had stratified and put
on a table under lights. The tray had been dug in,but many still came up. I
put out traps and I assumed the seed eaten, until I saw it in the
pelargonium. All in all the seedlings are tough and now in my outside
greenhouse growing on.    jyl
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