Virused Bulbs

J. Agoston
Mon, 07 Apr 2014 10:23:19 PDT
There are several bulbs infected in the trade with viruses, and also in
native habitat. Some viruses don't show any symptom, but they are there.
The big problem ocures, when a virus finds a new host. Because viruses have
to adopt to their hosts usually this new host dies very quickly by the
infection. This means for example when an important crop becomes infected
and dies in mass then there is a huge problem. That is when people start to
worry and quarantine or burn plants to stop the spread.
For flowerbulbs, as most of them propagated by vegetative means viruses can
spread easily. Moreover these are perennial crops, so if it becomes
infected you can't cure them with chemicals. It also takes many years,
often 15-20, before a grower have enough stock of a new variety to sell it
in the trade .
So if you decide to keep virus infected plants it is your choice. You can
have a nice garden with possibly infected plants, or you can decide to grow
only free material, and do the rigorous selection every couple of days and
kill the infected plants.

Hungary, Z5a

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