2014 Moraea hybrids

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Thu, 10 Apr 2014 01:15:30 PDT
Sorry for the trouble, Karl, the mail program clipped the last letter off
the URL (it also added two returns after every paragraph, which annoys me).
Here's a shortened web address for the 2014 summary. Give it a try:
Leo, your excellent note on transposons is exactly the sort of information
I'm looking for. Unfortunately, most of the books I've found in the library
are either totally theoretical, focus on breeding barley, or are so general
that they aren't useful. I'd love to find a practical, applied guide to
hybridizing ornamentals. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.
And Karl, I am glad to give you any advice I can, and can set you up with
offsets and seeds this summer. Drop me an e-mail privately and we'll follow

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