Mystery Trillium
Fri, 18 Apr 2014 17:21:28 PDT
Suzanne Vaughan wrote to the PBS web site:

"This trillium (actually, there are 2 of them, first 4 photos) is different than any I have. I bought it from a nursery in Tennesse. I know that white trilliums begin white and fade to pink. The red and purple bloom as red and purple. But this one, only opened on Wednesday and it opened this color. The petals almost look more like the coloring of a hellebore. The petals started out this shaded, beige, pinkish color. Last photo is a red or purple trillium, not sure, but it starts out this color. Any ideas? Is it just a strange mutation of the red or purple? (but I have 2, as far as I know right now)."

You can see the photos here:…

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David Pilling

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