Arum italicum

Bracey Tiede
Tue, 22 Apr 2014 19:31:38 PDT
Hi K,

It is invasive here in the SF Bay Area of California with a little summer

If you can completely starve them with no water, that will be the end of

If that is not possible, then I suggest digging.

San Jose CA

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Working on a wetland mitigation site last week, I found three patches and
two seedlings of Arum italicum. My question to the PBS members in temperate
climates is this:  How invasive is this species? It's listed as invasive in
the state of Oregon, which is 25 miles to the south, and it's in a natural
area that is supposed to be left alone. I suspect it needs to come out,
though that may be difficult, given the likelihood of deeply rooted corms. 


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