Peter Taggart
Tue, 08 Apr 2014 11:44:10 PDT
one inch apart is fine. They can be transplanted now -but better to wait
unless you like extra work
Peter (UK)

On 8 April 2014 03:35, Ina Crossley <> wrote:

> I have a lot of Cyclamen persicum multiplyingthemselves in the garden, not
> always in the right place.  Like Tony Avent says, they are fine to plant at
> a very young, one leaf  stage. I stick it in the right place, make sure the
> soil is damp and it keeps growing, no problem. It would be importantthat it
> is not in the full sun, and kept damp until settled.

> I made a mistake and planted my cyclamen seed all in one container.  I had
>> about 90% germination and the small plants are about 1" apart.

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