Littonia and Sandersonia

Aad van Beek
Mon, 28 Apr 2014 01:48:37 PDT
Yesterday I was lucky and got some littonia modesta (now gloriosa modesta) tubers for free. They are offered rarely in Holland. 
I have not grown this species before but will treat it the same way as I do with my gloriosa's.

Googling the internet I came across two interesting articles.… 
Here Alan describes this is a genus of 7 species. My question is are there still 7 species or due to the renaming there is only one species gloriosa modesta with a couple of varieties?
Alain mentioned a cultivar, Littonia modesta ‘Keitii’. Is this still grown / cultivated. Could not find any reference to a nursery growing this cultivar
Alain mentioned intergeneric crossings with Sandersonia, XSantoina ‘Golden Lights’, mostly done in New Zealand. Did any of these crossings hit the market?
According to this article in the mids of 1990's it was the second-most important export cut flower in New Zealand. Does it mean there exist still a lot of cultivars or is this past glory?



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