Haemanthus deformis

Tim Eck teck11@embarqmail.com
Fri, 12 Dec 2014 12:38:46 PST
I store all my amarylidaceae pollens in the fridge in glassine envelopes in
a cheap plastic card file box with silica gel in the box.  Glassine
transmits water vapor very easily.  Refresh the silica gel a day before
freezing the box for long term storage.  I find this method extremely
compact and searchable.  I have about 75 hippeastrum pollens in one 3x5 box
and about 50 crinums in another with the prior years in the freezer.
I'll dehydrate for a few days and then mail it to you if you send your

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YES I would like some pollen. Please advise how to store the pollen till the
flowers are receptive. 

Ken P
Old Bridge, NJ
Zone 6 b

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