Telos Rare Bulbs

Diana Chapman
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 11:33:47 PST
Dear All:

I have partially updated the web site, and orders can be placed now.   
It isn't quite complete, so there might be future changes, but I am 
getting so many "when will the web site be updated" e-mails, I decided 
to go ahead and post it now.  Complete sections are:  Hippeastrum, 
Oxalis, Erythronium, Brodiaea, Hymenocallis and a few others.  If you 
want to know if I have something, you can always ask.  Most pages will 
not be changed.

Please, also, note that I no longer use my Yahoo e-mail account 
(info@telosrarebulbs; admin@telosrarebulbs; orders@telosrarebulbs), 
since it turned into a nightmare when they changed it some months ago 
and I am often unable to access the account.  Please use this one or

Thank you!!

Telos Rare Bulbs

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