Hymenocallis Pygmaea

Brad King brad@alpinepfl.com
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 19:00:09 PST
Hi All, 


Late last spring I acquired an Hymenocallis Pygmaea? seedling. I planted it
in a clay pot and it spent the summer in the corner of my Koi pond. (safely
away from the fish) With the water level  at the same height as the soil. In
the fall it was moved to an east facing window with the pot in another pot
of water at the same level. It seems to be doing OK. Albeit, I feel it is
slow. Any thoughts anyone would have on this would be greatly appreciated. I
have read all the archived posts in the PBS list on Hymenocallis.


Thanks, Brad.

Ontario Canada

Zone 5b


Currently clear and cold -17 C (0 F) 



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