Z. candida (was Zephyranthes citrina vs. flavissima)

Ina Crossley klazina1@gmail.com
Wed, 26 Feb 2014 10:30:41 PST
 From discussions on Facebook with people in Thailand, they say there 
are 2 Z. candidathey have, one the usual one and one a large one.  So 
the large one is around.

As for growing conditions Nhu, Z. candida as grown everywhere, will take 
any conditions, wet, dry, sunny, shady, heavy soil and light soil, they 
will grow and flower. Which is why it is the only one sold in nurseries 

Does yours set seed Nhu?


Ina Crossley
Auckland New Zealand zone 10a

On 27/02/2014 5:43 a.m., Nhu Nguyen wrote:
> The UCBG Z. candida grows in the opposite conditions that it was collected
> in. The plants are in full sun and a very well-drained area. They seem to
> be doing quite well based on the blooming. It would be nice to get this
> clone into cultivation because the other candida clones I've seen have been
> small and not quite as impressive.

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