aphid control was Cyanella seedling advice

Brad King brad@alpinepfl.com
Tue, 18 Feb 2014 16:20:46 PST
Hi Rimmer, 

Firstly Daconil is a fungicide. If you are using a liquid or flowable
formulation there are both oil base products and water based products. If
you are getting phytotoxicity it is probably the oil carrier. It will be
related to either the concentration of the solution or rate of application,
especially on tender or young or sick plants. (Did you give a quick misting
or did you apply to a point of run off?) Daconil is a great fungicide if you
need one. Don't give up on it. If you need to use it in the future and are
concerned about burn, apply it in the evening or on a cloudy day. If it's
under lights turn the lights off for a period of time.

Same thing for the insecticide Merit or Admire. There are many different
formulations of this insecticide. It's hard to say if the rate is OK. These
products are used as a soil drench in many commercial situations. It is
possible to damage the plants with over applying a drench as well. It is a
systemic and is taken up by the plant. The plant has to deal with the
chemical in its system. 

I hope this helps you out . Brad.

Ontario Canada, Zone 5b

Warm 0 C/32 F and 6 more inches of snow today. 





aphid control was Cyanella seedling advice
Rimmer (Tue, 18 Feb 2014 09:56:18 PST)

on advice of someone directly in hopes of ending the aphids i have soaked
all my pots with a Merit based insecticide (Bayer Tree and Shrub) - 1 tsp
per 1 quart, is this too strong a solution?

the aphids came with Oxalis callosa and O. obtuse - i tried Daconal which
scorched the Oxalis leaves under the T-5 lights so i used the insect soap
which does very little. 


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