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Peter Franks
Sat, 08 Feb 2014 14:57:21 PST
Hi all

We are still no closer to finding Peter Taggart's desired American English
term for "back yard"

So perhaps we could make something up. Something along the line of
"epicuticular wax" might be "posterior domiciliar enclosure" - plenty of
appeal for the pedants among us - absolutely unambiguous!

Or perhaps we could extrapolate on the Esperanto term for back yard 
[backyard?] which is "malantaukorto" or the corresponding term for back
garden which is "malantaua gardeno" ....

Peter in Sydney

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But what's an appropriate definition of door yard?  I love the term, quaint
but entirely useable - sorry no Whitman available to look up.

Just a brief mention - I've had 3.5 inches of rain since Thursday night -
lovely, lovely rain.

A dooryard, which Whitman considered one word, would be a garden in front 
of, or near, a door.
I have a dooryard.

Bob Nold,

Denver, Colorado, USA 

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