Telos Rare Bulbs

Diana Chapman
Tue, 25 Feb 2014 09:03:44 PST
Dear All:

I am sorry to post this, but I think it is necessary.

I am being swamped with requests and e-mails that I simply can't 
answer.  I am one person, and have only very limited unskilled help one 
morning a week.  I can't sit at my computer answering questions like 
"when are you going to have ...."  For species that are sold out, I 
simply don't know when I will have enough to list again, so these aren't 
questions I can answer.

Please ... if you have questions about growing a bulb, identifying a 
bulb or germinating seeds, ask THIS forum, not me.  I just don't have 
the time to answer questions like this, and you won't receive an 
answer.  Taking care of the bulbs and packing and sending orders takes 
priority and fills up my day completely.  I can only spend computer time 
doing that, I can't chat or carry on a correspondence with other bulb 
growers as much as I might like to.

For e-mail orders, you might wait a few days for a confirmation.  I am 
away from home every other weekend this time of year (from Christmas to 
about May).  After that I work seven days a week and answers will be 
more timely.  Please, do not repeatedly send me requests for a 
confirmation over weekends, it won't speed things up.  Everything here 
goes through me, nothing is automated, so you don't get an instantaneous 
confirmation and shipping date that is computer generated like you do 
from most mail order companies. Often I have to physically go out to the 
greenhouses to check to stock to see if I have sufficient quantities.  
Many of the bulbs are growing in pots and are individually removed and 
packed for shipping, so I often don't even know the exact quantities I 
have. It isn't like a bulb retailer that receives its bulbs from 
elsewhere all packed and dried and knowing exactly the quantities they 
are getting.

I no longer allow visitors to the nursery.  Honestly, there isn't much 
to see, just greenhouses full of pots of bulbs, most of which are not 
blooming (depending upon the time of year).  I get more and more 
requests to 'see the nursery' and I just can't accommodate visitors, it 
is too disruptive to my day.

If this all makes me sound unfriendly, I am sorry.  The only way I can 
get the work done is to work uninterrupted all day.  My day starts at 
4am (yes, it does!), and I often work until evening, taking a break in 
the afternoon to train my dogs.  I am not complaining, I love my bulbs 
and my business, I am just trying to explain and fend off more "if you 
can't be bothered to answer .." kind of comments.  Yes, I get plenty of 
those, some even worse.

For all (and that is most) of my wonderful patient customers, my deepest 

Telos Rare Bulbs

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