Lachanelia from BX 353

Tue, 25 Feb 2014 07:10:12 PST
Lachenalia is a fascinating genus. Of the species, a few are stunning, many have the charm of small size succulents making one want to collect as many as possible and some are "of botanical interest only".

Over the years fantastic hybrids have been produced and will no doubt appear from time to time. 

All Lachenalias, species and hybrids are desperatingly susceptible to viruses and can even be used as indicator plants. This is the reason why the many hybrids and many were extraordinary plants are all gone, a good number without even having reached the public. A Lachenalia leaf must be of a uniform appearance in texture without wrinkling or shiny spots in a matt leaf, for instance. The edges must be all of the same qualtiy,  if  the edge is nomrally straight some wavy zones indicate virus infection. There are plenty of examples in images of plants for sale but of course I won't link them. My point is: if you plan to grow Lachenalias for long be ready to have zero tolerance to pests like aphids and mealybugs. A mild infection that is anecdotical in your other plants and bulbs will be a disaster with your Lachenalias and everything will start to go downhill from it on. Therfeore all sorts of precautions and before anything, grow any introduced bulb well away from your main co
 llection until it is plainly evident that the plant is healthy.


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