Eucomis seedling needs identification

Gastil Gastil-Buhl
Fri, 21 Feb 2014 18:37:42 PST
Jyl Tuck has sent photos of a mystery Eucomis seedling for PBS to help identify.…

Jyl writes:
"I started Eucomis bicolor from seed and some bulbs started flowering 3 summers ago. But there had always been a couple
 of bulbs that appeared different. Last summer I stuck all the bulbs in 1 pot to get a good show and one of the 'different' bulbs 
flowered. My Eucomis autumnalis and bicolor flowered end of July into August when the 'different' bulb started. As you can 
see in this picture (bicolor left) the 'different' bulbs (right) leaves are very long, not wavy, with no spots on leaves or stem of 
flower. I got a fair number of seed from the plant too which should not have crossed. The seeds has sprouted and are 
growing. Only got a couple seed from the other Eucomis which did not sprout. The way the flowers are arranged on the stem
 is different and about 18-20 inches tall."

- Gastil

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