Gladiolus winter or summer?
Tue, 25 Feb 2014 14:01:48 PST

Gladiolus watsonoides from Kenya is in limited cultivation in the UK and here in the US I am growing it in small numbers, but in the past I contributed it to NYBG so they may still have it.  It does not really go dormant for long, and it forms many cormlets which survive better than the mother corm sometimes.  It is also self fertile in my experience.  
Z7 NY where winter still reigns.

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Okay, here it is:…

I may get around to linking the species to their existing pages eventually.
Section Gladiolus is missing unless I find a source for the current
taxonomy of the Eurasian species. Same with the Madagascan species.

Question: are any of the tropical species cultivated other than
*Gladiolus murielae* (*Acidanthera bicolor*)?

Sean Z


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